A passage under Budaörsi út

Trabants in the inner streets of a Vajda Péter building

Warehouses in Csepel

Toilet in Baross térToilet in Baross tér

The BKV office in Népszínház utca

By the train station in Istvántelek

In Nagy Templom utca

Man and dog outside a store

In the Teleki tér market

In Kosztolány Dezső tér

A train in Keleti pályaudvarIn the platform at Keleti pályaudvar

In Keleti pályaudvar

A passer-by in Thököly út

Germanus Gyula park by night

In BudafokIn Budafok

In Csepel

A couple kissing by Blaha Lujza tér

In Tömő utca

A man on a balcony of a house in Thököly út

The tracks from Csukló utca

Warehouse in Csepel

Demolition and McDonald’s sign on BLaha Lujza tér

A corner in the 13th. district

The tram by Festetics György utca

A man on a street of Csepel

In front of Erkel színház

In Blaha Lujza tér

Near Ferencvárosi pályaudvar

Beer stand in Lupa-tó

A corner in the 8th. district

A passer-by in Dob utca

A corner in Újpest

Two men laying in the sidewalk by Baross tér

A man crossing the underpass in Kelenföld pályaudvar

The underpass in Kelenföld pályaudvar

The tracks by Nyugati pályaudvar

In Károlyi-kert

The tram tracks on Festetics György utca

The Parliament in the fog

Pigeons on ropes in Astoria

Reflection in the door of the metro

In Baross tér

A couple kissing on a balcony over Üllői út

A woman crossing an underpass by Baross tér (I)

A woman crossing an underpass by Baross tér (II)

Two girls in front of Moulin Rouge in Nagymező utca

In Nyugati pályaudvar

In the back of the Fiumei cementery

A corner in the 7th. district

The train tracks by Rákosrendező pályaudvar

At the bus stop in Blaha Lujza tér

Man sleeping on the stairs to the Gyulai Pál utca church

A tram waiting to cross Fiumei út

The old Teleki tér market in the 8th. district

Men watching at the construction site of Marina Part

Man sleeping on the street and political ad covering a building

Beer and cigarettes in Szimpla kert

The train leaving Martonvásár

A woman in the underpass by Arpád híd

Two cyclists in Erzsébet kürút

A passer-by in Erzsébet körút

Szimpla kert by Kazinczy uca

At the end of the kissing party on Erzsébet híd

In Felvonulási tér

Apartment blocks in Csepel by night

Demolition of the Sajtópalota building in Blaha Lujza tér

In a boat house in Római part

A girl in an underpass by Baross tér

A street in the 8th. district

People on the phone at the Gay Parade

Two men watching the Gay Parade from the Vásárcsarnok

A lángos stand in Római part

A man going up the stairs of Pillangó metro station

Outside Kultiplex in Kinizsi utca

Passers-by in the snow by Deák tér

By Deák Ferenc tér

Entrance to a house by Józséfvárosi pályaudvar

The old Dreher factory in Kőbánya

In a passage by Astoria

By Szent István tér

A man sleeping by Blaha Lujza tér

A tram in Teleki László tér

Children in Városliget

A man entering the underpass in Nyugati tér

Car on a street of MAV telepCar in a street of MÁV-telep

In a fair in Felvonulási tér

A cafe in Városliget

On Márkus Emilia utca

A cyclist in Molnár utca

Reflection in an underpass by Baross tér